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Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 29 00:36:42 PST 2002

If anyone is still struggling with locating their ancestors at the Ellis
Island Site due to misspelling of names, the following, which was posted on
the PolandBorderSurnames Listserve, may be of some help.

Rose Ingram

A Letter from Steve Morse ...

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From: "Stephen P. Morse" <spmorse at pobox.com>
Sent: Saturday, December 28, 2002 10:38 AM
Subject: Improvement to My Ellis Island Search Tools

To all user's of my Ellis Island Search Tools:

As most of you know, the revised search tools went live on October 20
and includes the so-called "gray form" which allows searching by town
and sounds-like for any passenger in the database.  However there have
been severe performance problems with the gray form, and only the very
lucky (or the very early risers) were able to get any response at all to
their searches.

I am pleased to report that we have finally tracked down and fixed the
cause of the problem.  The gray form is now able to handle the heavy
traffic and is returning results very quickly.  It is now possible to do
searches using the gray form at any time of the day and get back the
results in a reasonable amount of time.

I am indebted to Nick Yannucci who answered the plea for help that I had
posted on the website.  Nick, working together with Erik Steinmetz, was
the critical mass that we needed for success.  Thanks also to jewishgen
for providing the servers to host the EI search tools, and for providing
technical support and machine upgrades to fix the performance problems
of the EI search tools.  If any of you would like to add your thanks
with a donation to jewishgen (www.jewishgen.org/JewishGen-erosity), I
know it would be greatly appreciated and is sorely needed.

My apologies for all the frustrations that the gray form has given to so
many people for so long.  But now that is behind us, and I wish you all
good luck on your searches.

-- Steve Morse

PS: The EI search tools can be accessed from either of the following URLs


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