[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The Magical power of Sauerkraut

Lloyd Friedrick lloydfriedrick at telus.net
Mon Dec 15 13:16:50 PST 2003

The festive season is soon upon us and the autumn batch of Sauerkraut will
have seasoned by then.

But, did you know that Sauerkraut has magical power?
Here is the proof to this phenomenon.

During late fall and early winter in the 1930's on the Canadian prairie the
local farmers would be hauling their fall harvest of grain to the elevator for

Many of our neighbours were English colonists who had a limited knowledge of
farming and most were too proud to learn from the German farmers.

One day, while one of these neighbours was in line with his load at the
elevator with father he remarked, "Fred, we notice that you always seem to get
the best "grade" for your wheat, why is that, we farm right beside you, the
soil and the seed is the same but you must be doing something different?"  My
father replied, "Well, it's something that you might not understand, but
before I leave for town I bury a quart sealer of German Sauerkraut in my wheat
and as I travel the five miles to town there is a magical transformation of
wheat to a better grade"
The English farmer shook his head and said, "You Germans are sure a strange
lot, but obviously it works, could I get some from you for my loads?" Dad
said, "Nope, it only works for us Germans!"

Of course, the English did not know that the local Pool elevator man really
craved Mother's recipe of Sauerkraut and always knew that there would be some
buried in the load.

Father boasted of this story to other G-R farmers in our district and it
always provoked a bellyful of laughter.

lloyd friedrick

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