[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Looking for Hanke origins

Pfeifer's thepfeifersare at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 19 16:57:18 PST 2003


My great grandfather Eduard Hanke came from Russian Poland. He arrived in New York in 1890 and then emigrated to Canada in 1892. I have found him on the passenger lists for both leaving Hamburg and arriving at NY. I thought I would actually find his hometown name on these lists. Unfortunately listed as his "place of hailing" on both lists is Gufermint, Poland. "Gufermint??"... I'm thinking he misunderstood the question the nametaker was asking and answered instead a question like "why are you leaving?". He answers "I'm leaving because of the government". Could that be the case or was there actually a village named Gufermint somewhere in Russian Poland? I know a cousin of his may have been from the Lodtz area. Any help would be appreciated.

Craig Pfeifer
Nanaimo BC

p.s. I'm a new member and all of my other name interests are as follows:

Pfeifer, Miller, Rose, Luft, Sinner all from the Volga region.
Hanke, Dasdrinski, from Russia Poland
Lutz, Leirer from Vohlinia
Flatt, Seifried from Galacia

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