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Margrit Weigel margrit_weigel at web.de
Wed Jul 9 08:19:05 PDT 2003

Dear Scott,

Here my trial to translate the letter:

Dear Scott,
I found your request in the internet and will tell you know what I know.
Our ancestors Andreas Fitzner and his wife Henrietta Schulsk probably emigrated in 1863/64 to Volhynia. Andreas Fitzner could be the son of of Andreas Fitzner and Christine Langner. They got married the 11th Feb 1848 in Kobylin, Posen, Prussia. At the wedding Andreas has been probably 34 and Christine 26 years old. But this still has to be investigated closer.
Our ancestors Andreas Fitzner and H. Schulsk had  at least 3 sons: August Fitzner (*1857?), Friedrich Fitzner *1859 (your gr gr grandfather) and Eduard Fitzner *1861. My gr gr grandfather is August Fitzner.
Your gr gr grandfather seems to  have married in 1883 in Kostopol Mrs Wilhelmine Draeger *1858.
Their known children are: Amelia Mathilda Fitzner *27.9.1885, Lydia Fitzner *1886?, Otilia Fitzner *1890 and Friedrich Fitzner *1892.

Questions: When did your gr gr grandfather emigrate to Canada? Can you give me your family tree with those dates you know?

My gr gr grandfather August Fitzner married in 1884 in Kurgany Mrs Amalia Pokrant. They had a lot of children. Known to me are: Anna, Emma, Reinhold, Adolf, Jonathan, Heinrich, Wilhelm, Ferdinand. My gr  grandfather Erdmann, Ludwig Fitzner was born in 1885 in Kurgany. He married  Oct 22,1909 in Tutschin (church) Emilia Buchholtz. They had the following kids: Eduard *Jul 02nd 1913 (my father - died oct 1997), Heinrich *Mar 11th 1916, dead; Ida *Feb 15th 1915, died 1945; Paul *Dec 12 1919, died as soldier in 1940; Olga *Apr 16th 1923.

My father Eduard Fitzner married  May 5th 1934 in Kostopol my mother Lydia Rennwranz, *Feb 12th1913. My mother is now 90 years old and lives at the home of my brother.

I have 7 brothers and sisters, but my brother Adolf has died already. Brothers and sisters: Benjamin, Reinhard, Magdalene, Adolf (dead), Else, Erich, Helmut. I was born May 11th 1948, then came Erich und Helmut. At Apr 24th 1970 I married Christa Feller and now we are already married for 33 years. Our only daughter was born in 1970. She is married and has two children, our grandchildren Kevin (10 yrs old) and Alisa (8 yrs old).

I still try to make my family tree, but due WWII all "Germans" from Volhynia got resettled to the "Warthegau", Germany. There aren't left any documents or church books. At he moment I try to research in the Federal Archives of Germany.

Dear Scott, I hope you know somebody who can translate my mail. I would like to get an answer from you.
Best wishes from Germany from your relative Heinrich Fitzner.

My email adr: Heifi-Lshfn at t-online.de 

Dear Scott,

although we don't know each other, I hope, I could help a little.
Sorry about my mistakes. If something is not clear for you, please let me know.

Best wishes from Cologne, Germany

Margrit Weigel
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