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Hi Everyone:

October 4th, 2003 marked The National Institute for Genealogical Studies' 4th anniversary!   

LEARNING GENEALOGY ONLINE: The National Institute in partnership with the University of Toronto, (FIS) went 'live' with its first online course on October 4th, 1999. Methodology-Part 1, began it all with just a handful of students. Throughout that first month, many others became aware of our courses and started registering. Methodology-Part 1, a beginners' course for new students, has now run for 48 consecutive months!

Some interesting facts: 
* 8 Certificate Programs are now available: American, Canadian, English, German, Irish, Scottish, General Methodology and Librarianship;  
* 91 different online genealogy courses are available to students, (approximately 25 new courses will be offered for the first time this coming year);
* a total of 700 classes for the 91 courses above have been held;
* over 16,500 course registrations have been received;
* over 13,500 pages of reading materials have been written;
* over 1,000 maps and documents have been shown;
* over 125 transcription forms have been created;
* over 1,300 assignments have been given;
* over 75 timelines have been included;
* over 5,500 reference addresses and over 1,600 electronic links have been provided. 

We are thankful to the numerous people who have made this project a reality, but most of all we are thankful to our students who have had the faith in our program. It is because of your dedication (and patience) to 'Learning Genealogy Online' that this program was able to grow to what it is today.

Thanks everyone...

Louise St Denis
National Institute

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