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Thu Sep 25 15:42:22 PDT 2003

The traditional party of the Volhynians in Linstow took place this year to the 11th time. A small pictorial report and text into German language (extracts stand here into English) is to be found here: http://www.wolhynien.de/linstow2003.htm. Who asks itself now, where lies to this Linstow, the answer in the first picture will find. 

One or other picture maybe wakes up recollections in the older researchers or is a good supplement to own small chronicle. A lot of fun while looking. 

The organizer of the party, the home association of Linstow ("Heimatverein Linstow e.V."), a lot of trouble had done itself like always with the preparations. Two big tents had been built up, so that one could also find a place in the shade with timely appearance. From all directions there came the guests. Many had searched a lodging for themselves in the closer surroundings and began the day restedly.

About midday sounded the voices of the rehearsing male choir from the roof framework of the farmhouse. Active preparations activity ruled in the states where one could buy selfbaked bread after old volhynian prescription, the traditional soup with green cabbage (Borschtsch), sorrel soup and drinks of all kind. Especially were asked with cherries and curd full pierogies.

The this year's guest of honor was Mr. Dr . Kostiuk, lecturer at the university in Lutzk, Ukrain. 

Active conversation rounds formed between young and old, experiences and recollections were exchanged and many questions could be answered competently. Researchers or club members introduced her topical works and projects. New contacts were attached in the big family of the Volhynians. 

The flail competition and the traditional saw presentation belonged of course with to the program. For the traveled children was also provided, so that grandma and grandpa or mum and dad could talk from time to time " in rest ". A buzz from a huge number of dialects and languages was to be heard and the time passed too fast. And then one said: "Goodbye to the next year ". 


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