[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Translation: Grudzienski .. (part 1)

Gerhard König gk_eisenach at web.de
Fri Sep 26 15:04:18 PDT 2003

Mail from Joerg Brauer ( brauerjorg at compuserve.de )  part 1

Hello Mr. Textor, a friendly hello to all of the other listmembers and to Jerry Frank.
I have received so many letters I had not expected (this) that also of this eMail 
becomes long. Perhaps, I must even still postpush eMail, if desired.

I am not sure at all thus where I should start?

At first an explanation of the name KLUDT, (KLUTH; KLUT, KLUTT) 
After appropriate German name encyclopedias it had been in the Low German
(Flat-German) a mockery name overcome from very old time for farmer 
(landowners). KLUDT etc. = dumpling, earth's dumpling, earth's lump (field clod?).

GRUDSCHINSKI = is ostensibly the Polish translation for this name 
(mockery name) GRUDSCHINSKI so my great great grandfather in his 
diary has written the name. Etc. I hold other variants (Gru(o)dcinski(y), 
Gruszienski, for linguistic (dialect) or written variants. I have received 
the explanation to Grudschinski above a German list, therefore, 
I cannot vouch for it, I do not control the Polish language. 
(English also not)

So that the follower is understood (also by those which do not know 
a lot in my family history) I must sound out something. 

Numerous written documents of all kind are delivered by my ancestors 
from Southrussia and survived. Under it 4 diaries (from the time from in 
1840-1972) are numerous old documents in the original, as accredited 
duplicates and as copies. There are approx. 200 letters from 1856 till 
the present, all have survived in the original. In the meantime, in addition, 
I have 10 life reports of my Kludt ancestors and relatives from the time of 
1890 till the present. Furthermore some KLUDT in Bessarabia have written 
books (at least 2) and in German and Russian newspapers in Southrussia 
often to article published.

In addition, there are in the USA even further ancestors lists and family 
descriptions (at least four) from August Wilhelm KLUDT (in 1909-1994) 
from Wessington Springs SD, we are used. These writings are obvious 
from a university in ND (which deals with the Russia German) in magazines 
published-, or as manuscripts been kept. I have not seen them, however, 
yet, I have from A.W.Kludt merely a list of 22 sides with approx. 
350 names of KLUDT descendants in the USA. On the occasion of his 
two Germany traveling I have met him in 1980 or in 1981 in Berlin.

What does not give it else in written traditions white I yet, but with the
proverbial writing desire of a lot of KLUDT descendants (I enclosed) it 
would not surprise me if there even more appears.


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