[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Roll call - Honig & Boehlke

Michelle Bakke-Purnell wldrose at telusplanet.net
Fri Apr 2 13:36:45 PST 2004

Dear list
I thought I would try this again since I am no farther ahead that when I 
joined this list over a year and a half ago.  My Great Grandfather was 
Otto Honig, he was born Aug 16 1892 to Franz Honig and Bertha Boehlke. 
 I havn't been able to excatly find out where he was born yet I did find 
him immigrating to the U.S with his brother Albert, at Ellis Island and 
he listed the town of Baranouka as where he is coming from and his next 
of kin as father Franz Honig.  All that is known of his immidiate family 
is his brother that came with him.  There were other sibling due to 
family stories.  Two are that his entire family was killed in the middle 
of the night so he would not talk about them.  The other one is that a 
guy by the name of Emanuel Bilau immigrated to the same area as Otto - 
East End Saskatchewan - One of Emanuel's sisters Amelia married one of 
Otto's brothers back home in Volhynia.  I have found the marriage of 
Otto's parents in the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives under 
Volhynian marriges 1880 - 85 in the Rosyszcze Parish on May 1 1883. Yet 
because of the time frame there is no where to look for Otto's birth or 

When Otto immigrated he and his brother lived with his Aunt (His mothers 
sister) and Uncle in Syskeston North Dakota, Adolf and Emile Kutz.  I 
have since found this family and have extensive family information on 
the Boehlke side which two of Emile and Bertha's brothers homesteaded in 
the Endiang Alberta area.  Yet I still can't find any family info on 
Otto and Alberts immidiate family.  The only other thing I have is that 
for years my family thought they had Otto's birth certificate.  Yet 
thanks to some wonderful people on this list that translated it for me, 
it turns out to be a passport for a member of the army giving him 
permission for leave for one year. (Which right after this he left in 
the middle of the night for the U.S.)  It is stamped in the Kisielin 

Does anyone have any ideas about how I can go about finding out more 
about Otto and his family?  This is one tough brick wall.
Michelle Bakke-Purnell

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