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For those with relatives originating from the South-west region of Germany
(settlers generally known as Schwaben who spoke a Schwaebisch dialect) are
fortunate in that there was a substantial amount of good literature about
this group. Just to mention a few authors, Max Miller, Otto Heike, Erich
Weise, Werner Hacker, etc. All of these published extensive lists of
settlers and usually, where they came and where they settled.
Weise lists the S.W. German settlers who were recruited from 1799 to 1804
and moved to present day Poland, by an agent known as "von Nothardt".
In his book, a Christian Schmalz, with a family of 5, is listed as coming
from Wuerttemberg and settles in Springberg by Gross-Gollo, Amt Klecko(Kreis
Gnesen, south east of Wongrowitz).
Howard Krushel
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