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Howard Krushel krushelh at telus.net
Mon Dec 6 10:42:03 PST 2004

You might try searching the Internet for some of these lists as more and
more people are placing them on the net;German researchers in particular are
working on this, however it is relatively easy to check through lists for a
particular name even on a German site.

Two English references on immigration to America are:
"Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany(to America
and other countries)" (published by Closson Press, Apollo,
Pennsylvania-1994)-In this book  all those families emigrating to America
are extracted and listed from the 10 books that Werner Hacker wrote. In
addition all the families from book 9 and 10 are included irregardless of
where they were migrating to.
Another reference which was translated from German to English is:
"Old Lutheran Emigration from Pommerania to the U.S.A.(1839-1843) by
Lieselotte Clemens-1976- Translated by James Laming"

A number of very good German references are:
"Max Miller- Die Auswanderung der Wuerttemberger nach Westpreussen und dem
Netzegau- 1776-1786" (published 1935 and reissued in 1972 and perhaps more
recently)(the emigration of the Wurttembergers into W. Prussia and the Netze

"Otto Heike- 150 Jahre Schwabensiedlung in Polen-1795-1945" (150 years of
Schwabien migration into Poland) a number of editions have been published
since 1979.

"Erich Wiese- Die Schwaebensiedlungen im Posener Kaemmerdepaertment
1799-1804" (The Schwabien settlements in the Administrative district of
Posen)"(published in 1961)

Some of these books may still be for sale, new or as used books; the other
option would be inter library loan or a check at the LDS library as I think
they would carry these references and you could order them from there.

Howard Krushel

Where and how can these "lists" of
> emigrants to Poland be found ? Does anything similar to them exist for the
> ones who went to the US ?
> Best Regards and thanks in advance,
> Tricia M.

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