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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sat Jun 12 09:16:59 PDT 2004

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At 07:08 AM 12/06/2004 -0700, w avalanche wrote:
>Would anyone be able to translate this for me?  It was in a Word
>attachment that I received from some place.  If necessary I can send the
>word document.Carol [TABLE NOT SHOWN]
>Pngckmsbxh B`x g`ohr b3d 22 rp`bm 2004 pnjs, onb3dnlk:ln, yn b
>depf`bmnls `pu3b3 Bnkhmq|jn? nak`qr3 Sjp`?mh dnjslemr3b opn Epdl`m` J`sq`
>(J`sv`), ^k3sq` J`sq`, @dnk|t` J`sq` (J`sv`) g dpsfhmn~ K3d3:~ Xsk|v r`
>opn pndnb3d ?u q3l? me bhbkemn. Lerphwm3 g`ohqh cpnl`dm
>:b`mcek|q|jn-k~rep`mq|jncn b3pnqonb3d`mm m` gaepefemm b `pu3b oeped`m3
>B. Chj`
>  Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta

FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca  

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