[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Labour Camp Death Records

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Do you think the reason we are having so much trouble finding
information could be that these people were running away from their
heritage and didn't talk about whom their parents were so they wouldn't
get caught and sent home?  I am researching my mom's family, and can't
find anything out, either.  My grandmother told my mom some things, but
my grandfather wouldn't even talk about the old country or anything.  I
remember my mom's cousins discussing the fact that their mom wouldn't
say anything either.  It's very strange.

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My great grandfather Christian Haupt was Evangelical Lutheran.  My
grandfather, Edward Christian Haupt was baptized in 1891 in the Zhitomir
Evangelical Lutheran Church, District of St. Petersburg.  As to what
Christian Haupt's profession was, I do not know.  As far as I know
Edward and Bernerd Haupt (brothers) were the only two members of
Christian and Wilhelmine (nee Mincho) Haupt's children to leave Europe.
Edward went first to Edmonton Canada and then settled in Minneapolis,
Minnesota.  Bernerd stayed in Canada and raised a family there. 
There may have been brothers and sisters of great grandfather Christian
Haupt who immigrated to the East coast, but as I have mentioned, I have
hit a brick wall in my research on Christian Haupt.  I cannot even
discover the names of his parents nor do I know from what part of Europe
they originally came.

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