[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Roll call - Mueller,Manzei,Manthey,Mantei, Rook

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It is certainly possible that it is a variant spelling but it would sound a 
little different.

In English, the W would be silent but in German it would have a V sound so 
it would be pronounced Vruk.

At 09:57 AM 23/03/2004 -0600, Delores Stevens wrote:
>With regards the Rukke/Rook name.  Is there a possibility that this name
>could also be spelled Wruck.  I too have connections with this name and that
>of Mantei.  The individuals that my connection is with came from Volhynia in
>about 1896-1900, and may only have been in Volhynia for about 35 years.  Not
>a long time.
>Delores Stevens
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> > Is there any reason to believe that they did not spend a generation (maybe
> > even less) in Volhynia?  If they were originally from Lipno and were only
> > in Volhynia for say, 10-15 years, they would still have the family
> > connections that would bring them to Connecticut.
> >
> > The ROOK surname has stymied me.  It appears nowhere in any of the SGGEE
> > databases for Russian Poland or Volhynia.  So I decided to browse through
> > the R listings in the St. Pete records to see if I could find something
> > with a similar pronunciation.  I found:
> >
> > Wilhelm Otto Rukke, born to Jacob Rukke and Christine MANTEI in 1881.
> >
> > Now their location of Hohenberg is not near Jalowice but I would bet you
> > dollars to donuts that Rook = Rukke and that this family also probably has
> > roots in the Lipno region.
> >
> > None of this proves anything but does give credence to the possibility
> > your family was in Volhynia.

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