[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] catholic ??

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Now, just because they weren't Lutheran, that doesn't mean the only other
choice was Catholic. That are was teeming with Baptists, too, and they would
not appear in the St. Pete books. In many areas in the Zhitomir region,
there were more Baptists than Lutherans.

So, in terms of why a record can't be found, there might still be an
other-religion option.


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> Since there were very few if any German Catholics in Volhynia, I don't
> think that is the reason for the lack of records.  First I would question
> whether the reference to Zhitomir really applies to the city.  I know of
> many instances where a person claims to be born in a large town because it
> is easier to relate to it - when in fact they are born in some village in
> the general vicinity.  (I assume you are going on the basis of family lore
> or perhaps an entry in a family Bible.
> I can think of 2 reasons that might account for the missing record.
> 1.  We know of instances where the Kantor in a village forgot to enter or
> did not turn over a record book to the pastor for transcribing into the
> Bishop's St. Pete records.  It is possible your grandfather is recorded in
> such a book but not in the St. Pete records.
> 2.  IF your grandfather was born in the vicinity of Romansdorf, he and
> grandmother might (probably were) recorded in the church books for Kiev
> Parish.  This was part of the St. Pete microfilms but has NOT yet been
> extracted.  You can go to http://sggee.org/VolhynianLutheranArchives ,
> the film that applies to Kiev for 1876, order it in to your nearest LDS
> Family History Centre and browse through it to see if you can find them
> At 04:36 PM 28/03/2004 -0800, James Geike wrote:
> >My paternal name GEIKE is so simple that even mispronunciatrions of it
> >easily discernable. so can anyone shed some light on why my supposed
> >Grandfather August Geike, born in Zhitomir in1876 shoow up  in any of the
> >Pete films.
> >I have searched for my Geike grandfather and his parents records  using
> >Pete films. My grandmother was born in Rommansdorf, Grandpa in Zhitomir.
> >my lake of success be because they were Catholic ? Were there  ever
> >families mixed in with those   living in the above mentioned settlements
> >this is why I can not find them listed in the St. Pete records .
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