[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Prepaid Research through the CentralArchives of Historical Records in Warsaw

LMPauling lmpauling at utech.net
Wed Mar 31 14:53:02 PST 2004

I use the services of Pekao regularly to send money to family in Poland. I
send them a personal check with their form and they  wire the money to the
family's account there.

They have offices in NY, LA, and Chicago. We use the LA office at 4929
Wilshire Blvd., Suite 605, LA, CA 90010-3820. You may phone them and ask for
the proper form and any other questions you have.  The phone # for LA office
is: (323) 932-0702.

An example of the fee for regular transfer to a bank account is:
up to $100 for $10 fee
over $100.01 to $300 for $15 fee

We have always been very happy with their services.
Linda Pauling

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> Barbara,
> I also believe that Dick is correct about the archives wanting a wire
> transfer to the bank.  We had a discussion about this awhile back and I
> believe that we came to the conclusion that the Pekao Bank (head office
> in Warsaw, and branches in quite a few places) was the cheapest way to
> make money transfers.  I have never used them directly, but have had a
> travel agency use them for me.  Take a look at
> http://www.pekao.com.pl/tabele2a1.xml?/lang=US/402132-501497-41680
> Try sending an email in English to
> Mr. Franciszek Kalinski
> Area Manager
> USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia
> tel: +48 22 656 04 85
> fax: +48 22 656 04 53
> e-mail: franciszek.kalinski at pekao.com.pl
> I see also that the following banks in the USA are correspondent banks
> with Pekao
> American Express Bank AEIBUS33 New York
> The Bank of New York IRVTUS3N New York
> JPMorgan Chase Bank CHASUS33 New York
> Bank of America NA BOFAUS3N New York
> Wachovia Bank NA PNBPUS3NNYC New York
> Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas BKTRUS33 New York
> Hellenic Bank Ltd. HEBACY2NAHDO Nicosia
> and for Canada,
> Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CIBCCATT Toronto
> Royal Bank of Canada ROYCCAT2 Toronto
> The Bank of Nova Scotia NOSCCATT Toronto
> Not sure exactly how a correspondent bank works, but since they have a
> connection to Pekao, you should be able to make the transfer cheaper than
> at another bank that is not a correspondent bank.
> Gary Warner
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>   Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Prepaid Research through the Central
>   Archives
>   of Historical Records in Warsaw
>   > WOW!
>   >
>   > I just received a letter from the archives in Warsaw... They
>   located my
>   > grandfather's birth records.  In addition, they did give me the
>   names of
>   his
>   > parents.
>   >
>   > The are requesting a prepaid fee of $34 to start the research.  In
>   addition,
>   > they are requesting $17 to do the research.  They indicate this fee
>   must
>   be
>   > "paid in your bank".  They give me a bank number, as well as an
>   address to
>   send
>   > the fees to.  Finally, I have to send a copy of the letter they
>   sent to me
>   > back to them.
>   >
>   > Has anyone else ever done this before?  Please advise as to how
>   this
>   should
>   > be done.

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