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At 09:32 AM 02/11/2004, Michael & Maureen McHenry wrote:
>Hi All
>I received the response below from the Warsaw Archives to an email I
>sent them. This was my email.
>How do I obtain a birth record from the archives? My grand father
>WILHELM MUELLER was born in Russian Poland on 28 April 1880. His parents
>were Johann Mueller and Marianne Rook. They were ethnic Germans and
>practiced the Lutheran religion. I do not have a birth town, however his
>immigration record to the USA says his last residence was TULOWICE near
>Warsaw. Other records indicate he had relatives in nearby villages.
>Her suggestion of Opole would not seem to be an option. The list
>(Guenther?) previously advised that this Tulowice would have been German
>Poland and he was from Russian Poland. I have the FHC parish records for
>Sochaczew but 1880 seems to be missing. What do you think of her
>suggestion of the Lutheran Church Archives? Also there are the Plock

I don't think the Plock archives would be of help.  You could try the 
Lutheran Archive in Warsaw but I don't know that they would have anything 

The Tulowice in Opole would not be the correct location so no point 
checking there.

I'm not sure what FHC records you have for Sochaczew as Warsaw Archives 
only has records for that location for 1698-1728 and 1949-50.  FHC is 
unlikely to have anything more.

In the Sochaczew region, the FHC has Ilow, Gizyce, and Secymin.  When you 
say that 1880 is missing, I assume you may mean from the Ilow 
records.  Unfortunately there appears to be a book missing from that 
sequence and you may be out of luck in getting the info you need.

>                                  Mike
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>From: Anna Krochmal [mailto:akrochmal at archiwa.gov.pl]
>Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 2:43 AM
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>Dear Mr McHenry,
>I would like to inform you that we have two places named Tulowice in our
>geographical guides. Our archives keep documents in respect to the
>principle of terrritorial pertinency. They have no vital records from
>Tulowice, district Sochaczew (near Warsaw).
>The second place is Tulowice near Opole in western-south part of Poland.
>   The vital records from this place from 1874-1899 are preserved in the
>State Archive in Opole (ul. Zamkowa 2, 45-016 Opole). A lot of poeople
>from this region belonged to the Lutheran religion. If you think that it
>is possible that your relatives were from this territory you can write
>directly to the Archive in Opole.
>We suggest also to contact with the Archive of the Lutheran Church in
>Warsaw (ul. Miodowa 21, 00-246 Warszawa).
>Sincerely yours
>dr Anna Krochmal
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