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Hi Bonnie,

Just a little information that may be helpful.  From the St. Petersburg
records, there is the death of Salome Tittelmeier on 30 April 1883 at
Mariendorf, Volhynia, age 9 days, parents Johann Tittelmeier and Christine
Oswald.  Her birth is listed as Salome Titelmeier on 21 April 1883 at
Mariendorf, parents Johann Titelmeier and Elisabeth Arndt (!!) - seems to be
an error in the mother's name in one of the records.  There is also birth of
Pauline Oswald on 5 September 1881 at Mariendorf, parents Mathias Oswald and
Elisabeth Senft - possibly a relative.  Mariendorf is in Rozyszcze Parish -
Evangelical Lutheran.

Dick Stein

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> My great grandfather and grandfather left Volhynia and
> went to Canada in 1910 via the Missler Agency .  They
> were on the Prinz Adalbert and landed in Quebec City.
> So far I have only found one reference to my great
> great grandfather Johann Tittelmejer(Tittelmeier)
> concerning his second marriage to Christine Oswald b.
> 1847 in Wladyslanow may 8 1870 in Radom.   Johann was
> formally married to the widow Amelia Kinsler.  Their
> only son was Heinrich, and family rumor has him born
> in Stuttguart.  Also inn this certificate, Christine's
> parents are listed as Pilip Oswald b. 1819 and
> Margarete Probekb1827.  Johann's parents are listed as
> Peter Titelejer, and Katharina Hintz.
> If any of these names tigger some help I will be so
> happy!  The Tittelmeiers are disappearing!  Bonnie Foster
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