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Fri Apr 22 11:10:36 PDT 2005

Dick Stein,
I just joined this mailing list on a suggestion from another post-lister. 
Your post in the archives (8 July 2004) was of interest to me. 

My grandmother's family came from Volhynia, Russia. I found their births, 
marriages, etc on the jewishgen site a number of years ago. My grandmother's 
brother's wife came from Lutsk. I can't find my jewishgen site that listed towns, 
births, etc. Is that where you found your information, and if so, can you give 
me the exact URL for that page?

An 88  year old daughter states that it was Lutsk, POLAND. Looking at history 
it states that Lutsk was in Russia until WWI same as Volynia. Any thoughts on 

My grandmother's records are missing a number of "middle" children. How did 
you find all the information that you have, since they moved from town to town?

Any advice, suggestions would be appreciated. 
Thank you, 

your post: 
I also have information of a Volhynian family who were not deported to 
theeast during WW I.  The parents were both born, in 1892 and 1898, in KreisWladimir 
about midway between Wladimir-Wolynski and Lutsk.  They married on15 February 
1916 (yes, the year is 1916 on the document I have -Registration No. 15 in 
1916 evangelisch-augsburgischen parish) in Lutsk (itis Luck, Russia on the 
document).  The first child was born in April 1917 atGraudens, West Prussia.  The 
next four children were born in Kreis Wladimir,Volhynia from 16 June 1918 to 
April 1925.  Then five more children were bornin Kreis Gerdauen, which I believe 
is in East Prussia, from January 1927 toMarch 1940.  I have encountered other 
families who migrated in the 1920sfrom Polish Volhynia to East Prussia.  
There must have been some incentivefor them to do so.The marriage document 
indicates that the Lutheran parish in Lutsk, at least,continued to function after the 
deportations.Dick Stein

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