[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Herman family from Lutsk

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Could any of these below be Henrietta HERMAN on ship list?  If not go here
[below]and search. Or maybe you have tried this.  If you have trouble write
back.  Kathy


 Name Residence Arrived Age Passenger
Record Text
Manifest Scanned
Manifest Annotations Ship
Image Passenger ID
1 Hermann,Hena Dorohov 1907 20  view  view  view  view  view 101909070704
2 Hermann,Henie Bobska, Austria 1909 18  view  view  view  view  view

4 Herman,Hencie Kolomea, Austria 1907 18  view  view  view  view  view
5 Herman,Mrs Henry U. S. 1909 48  view  view  view  view  view 101650010382
6 Herman,Mrs Henry   1906 35  view  view  view  view  view 102292010042

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Thank you, Frank and Rose for your help.

I was confused, and Rose suggested that I had the JewishGen site mixed up
with SGGEE.org site. Yes indeed,  I checked and the information that I
have was listed in the Volyhnia town at the SGGEE site.

Frank, you asked me for names and approximate time frame that I am
I am especially searching for information on Henrietta HERMAN.

name: Henrietta HERMAN
born:  in Lutsk, Volhynia, Russia about 1887, Protestant
emigrated: came to America in 1907, alone. I don't know ship.
Her family had come earlier, she stayed in Lutsk with a sister's family,
since a baby was due.
married: Robert Hoeser (my grandmother's brother)
date: 1909
place: Yellow Grass, Canada

That is all the information that I have on her. No marriage certificate. I
don't know parents' names, or if surname was spelled HERRMAN or HERMMAN or

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