[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where is Kokuscha?

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Thank you for your reply.  Karl Litke resided in the Lodz and Zhitomir areas.  I doubt that he moved from Lodz to Zhitomir by way of the Krakow area, but I will investigate the possibility.  I assumed that Kokuscha was in the Zhitomir area because Litkes appear in several of the villages NW of Zhitomir, but your note prompts me to look in the Lodz area as well.  Thanks.

George Shoning
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Could the place be Kokuszka in Poland, 94 km SE of Krakow at 49 deg 28 min north/20 deg 44 min east?

John Marsch

In the list of contributors to the Volhynian Baptist Churches shown at http://www.wolhynien.de/donation.htm, there is an entry ("For the Siberian Account") for Brother Karl Litke from Kokuscha.  Has anyone encountered the village/town/city of Kokuscha before?  Anyone have any clues where it may have been located?

George Shoning

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