[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where is Kokuscha?

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Could it be Koluszki, located at the coordinates 51.46'N 19.48'E, 23 
kilometers east of Lodz?

Jan Textor, Denmark

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> John,
> Thank you for your reply.  Karl Litke resided in the Lodz and Zhitomir 
> areas.  I doubt that he moved from Lodz to Zhitomir by way of the Krakow 
> area, but I will investigate the possibility.  I assumed that Kokuscha was 
> in the Zhitomir area because Litkes appear in several of the villages NW 
> of Zhitomir, but your note prompts me to look in the Lodz area as well. 
> Thanks.
> George Shoning
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> Could the place be Kokuszka in Poland, 94 km SE of Krakow at 49 deg 28 min 
> north/20 deg 44 min east?
> John Marsch
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> In the list of contributors to the Volhynian Baptist Churches shown at 
> http://www.wolhynien.de/donation.htm, there is an entry ("For the Siberian 
> Account") for Brother Karl Litke from Kokuscha.  Has anyone encountered 
> the village/town/city of Kokuscha before?  Anyone have any clues where it 
> may have been located?
> George Shoning
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