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I did not record a Haupt, which does not mean that there might not have been
some there; it was getting to the end of a long day of exploring the Kalisch
area and we were a bit rushed; normally I would also have recorded first
names and relevant dates; but we did meet an Adolgunda Weber at Grodziec who
was renting the Pastors residence and who had married a Pedde , in her the
1st marriage and then married a Pole(a Gladysz); her address was Adelgunda
Gladysz, Grodziec 62-580, ul. Glowna 32, Poland. As well the LDS has the
Stawiszyn church records on microfilm, from 1809 onward; the Kazimierka
records should have been recorded in there.

Apparently many years ago there were many poor families in this area and
they would rent out their children to other families; apparently Adelgunda
had been one of these children. She was a very nice lady and spoke a very
good German.

Howard Krushel



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Can you tell me if the name of Haupt is also on that list of German names
that attended the Kazimierka Church?  I have been searching for a Gottfried
Haupt, my ggGrandfather, who married a Wilhelmine Pedde and later moved to
Gottliebsdorf aka Bogolubowka.  This is the first time that I have ever seen
the name of PEDDE in any records other than those listed in St. Petersburg
records and others for that area listed on the SGGEE website.  It may be a
lead to follow for records of my Haupt and Pedde family.


Janice Schultz

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