[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Eliezer Buchman

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Thu May 4 16:24:21 PDT 2006


I think there would be more help for Isreal at the Jewish Gen website.

on http://www.jewishgen.org/  they have a Discussion Group and Special 
Interest Group mailing lists which Isreal can subscribe to.  For sure there 
would be people on these lists who would be able to help.

Rose Ingram

I would like to help Israel locate the person he is serching for. Here
is the email he sent me. Can anyone help?

I found your name on the Jewish Gen Family Finder page. I understand
that your family had some connection to the city of Rypin (Rippin) in
Knowing how difficult is to receive any information about the past, I
wonder if you or someone else from your family, can be of any help, in
finding any information about the Family of Eliezer Buchman from Rypin
Eliezer Buchman passed away in Rypin in the 1930th.  However, there
have been 3 daughters of him and one son,  all of them was murdered by
the Nazis.
He had 7 children, from which I have only 3 names who I know about:
The 2 sons -  Izchak  and Israel (my grandfather who die in Israel in a
very early age), and a  girl – Rachel.
We have no idea about the remaining of the family of Eliezer Buchman in
Rypin – we also have no idea about Eliezer brothers, sisters, etc.
I know that the chance to find anything is rather zero – however, if
you know about any document/information which can be of help, please
let me know.


Israel Yinon (Buchman).


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