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There is one Sampert in the Michalki, Rypin, Plock church records and lots
of Senkpiel/Senkpyl that I have thought might be a variation, maybe Polish -
don't know.  Maybe someone else can comment on that.

Anyway, my ancestors come from this area back to the 1700/1800s and I have a
number of names that originated in the UK such as Fagin, Fitsch, Meister
(Master).  In those years the migration was eastward.


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And, how about our family name SAMPERT, Lutherans that moved to Tomazov-Maz,
Congress Poland and later To Alberta, Canada ?
 Family oral  history tells us they may have originated from the Alsace
Lorraine area.
Sampert doesn't sound like a French name to me.

lloyd friedrick


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I have heard several people indicate their ancestors orginated from Alsace
Lorraine, and I believe it mostly to be generalization of the area.
My husband has Kirsch in his family and was told they came from Alsace
Lorraine.  After some lengthy research I discovered they came from
Luxembourg. Well that is close.
By the way Kirsch is as common in Luxembourg as Jones is in Wales.

Rose Ingram

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