[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Jahnke family query

Richard Stein ra_stein at telus.net
Tue Nov 11 08:02:52 PST 2008

Hi Karla,

I have seen the name JANETZKI in Volhynia, Zhitomir parish.  Perhaps this is 
a match for your JANECKA.

Dick Stein

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> I have learned that one of my ancestors, Samuel Fietz, was married to a 
> woman named Justina Janecka. I obtained this name from a record of the 
> birth of my g-grandfather in the Lublin Lutheran church records of 1870. 
> The family lived in the village of Voitsekov, Lublin. Since this record is 
> in Russian, I am wondering if the name "Janecka" might be the same as 
> Jahnke in German. Does anyone have suggestions? I have not run across the 
> name Janecka anywhere, so am thinking it must be a Russian form for a 
> different name.
> Karla Walters
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