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My appreciation to all of you wonderful people who responded to my request  
regarding Ljuschitza and I will follow up with more precise information, but I  
made a huge mistake in the ancestor in question, Gottfried Schindel.  It  was 
actually his brother Alexander Schindel (11Mar1888/1889) who appears to have  
been born in a similar sounding village.  Checking _www.ancestry.com_ 
(http://www.ancestry.com)  for WWI Draft Reg for Alex  Schindel, Gladwin, Michigan 
the town appears to be Leuwinge or Luwinge,  Russia.
Gottfried (Fred) Schindel registered as Fred Schindel (12Aug1887) born  
Rangetia ??? Russia.  Another brother Heinrich registered as Henry Schindel  
(10Mar1895) in Poland, Russia.
I do have my grandfather's (Gottlieb Schindel) Lutheran confirmation  
certificate stating he was born in Lublin, Russia on 10May1882 and was confirmed  by 
Pastor Johann Theodor Ernst Barth in the Parish of Nowograd-Wolynsk.   His 
naturalization papers state he was born in Lublin.
I have not been able to find naturalization papers for Gottfried or  
Heinrich.  They both served in WWI (Ohio National Army).  I assume  some type of 
citizenship was granted to them before they went to war, but unable  to find the 
source for these papers.
Their father, Ludwig/Ludwik/Louis Schindel was born around 1844-1847.   His 
father may have been named Gottlieb.  Ludwig served or was drafted into  the 
Russian Army.  He married Emilia/Amelia Scheske probably around  1875.  She was 
born about 1859.  Their first son, Louis was born  5Apr1877 in Russia/Poland.
1. Leuwinge/Luwinge and Rangetia - am I on the right track thinking Luszyca  
might be a starting point?
2. Another brother Samuel Schindel/Schendel born about 1879 moved to Brazil  
with his family (possibly from Wladyn, Russia sometime after 1912 and before  
1936.  Sam died August 1953 in or around Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Sao  Paulo. 
 He left a wife, Pauline and at least two children, a son and a  daughter.  
They spelled their last name as Schendel.  I am hoping  someone in Brazil might 
help me reconnect with my family.
Thank you so much for your advice and help.  It truly is  appreciated.
Nadine (Erdman / paternal ancestors from Rypin/Michalki area) Saiki

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