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Mon Sep 15 08:09:44 PDT 2008

Hi All -

First, thank-you for the responses to my question re: armies, and plagues.

I am trying to find information on a Wilhelm Bartz. He is the father of my
step-grandfather, who is also first cousin to my biological grandfather.
(Long story - still with me?)

Wilhelm Bartz died in 1924 - presumably in Volhynia, but given the turmoil
and displacement, it could have been most anywhere in Russia.
Wilhelm Bartz married Bertha Peter   born 31.May.1868 in Lwowek, Gostynin,
Warszawa, Poland. Their eldest son Wilhelm was born in 1892.

In researching a co-lateral line, I discovered references to Bartz' in
Borki, Gostynin around 1845-55, and a generation earlier, in Sady and
Wymslie, both in the Gostynin area. Has anyone information, or could anyone
direct me to information?

Thank-you in advance.

Rose-Marie Haddad

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