[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Translation please?

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Hi Maureen,

the names seem to be and to sound different. Sorry, but my knowledge in polish ist not good enough. 
I'm also searching in the district of Inowroclaw, but only my prussian ancestors.

You should use a polish map-server to locate your known places and compare with places of Marek's ancestors.
Well, i checked it just now: Turzany = about 6 km east of Inowroclaw
                                        Nidzica powiat Nidzicki = ~160 km north-east of Inowroclaw

That seems to be to far away.  

Perhaps, some other members of this list could help better than me?

Hannes W. 
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  Hello Hannes,

  Thank you for that information. As I know absolutely nothing of the Polish language other than some terms related to food (lol), can you tell me if the name Moszczynski would be pronounced like "Mosayenski"? I had no documentation of this line, just oral history from my Great uncle that hisgrandmothers name was Eva "Mosayenska". He was in his 80's when he passed away @ 8 years ago, and I have been unable to trace this line without any documentation of the correct spelling of her name (Mosayenski/a is how I wrote it down when he told me - he was not sure how it would be spelled either).

  Also, my Grandmother was Regina Kruszynski Steupak (Szczupak), sister of the great uncle who provided me this information, and the Kruszynski line has been elusive also. I have never found out where in Poland either of these great great grandparents were from. I know the Szczupak line was from Parchanie/Turzany/Inowroclaw area not far from Posen. So I am assuming (may be a bad assumption, but all I have to go on) the Kruszynski and Mosayenski lines are from that area as oral family history also has that these families all knew each other in Poland. If my assumption is correct, and they are from the area around Posen/Inowroclaw, can you tell me if that is near to Janowca Kościelnego where Marek's family is from?

  As always, I appreciate any/all help I can get. Thanks for your time!

  Regards, Maureen

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  Hello Maureen, 

  that means: 

  I am a grandson of Jan Moszczyński (born 1906), son of Franciszek (son of Adam) and Feliksy nee Żabinskich, who came from surroundings of Janowca Kościelnego (today's district Nidzicki, province Warmiński-Mazurskie), that is in area of historical Masovia, and more specifically around Poboża. 
  I am waiting for your response. 

  Love regards! 
  Marek Zambrzycki 

  my best wishes
  Hannes Werner

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  > Hi all, 
  > I have been monitoring this list for a few years, as Ihave @ 30 families I am searching in the Posen area. I am constantly amazed at the helpful, knowledgeable folks on this list and appreciate all of your comments each day.
  > I was wondering if someone could translate the following email which came to me as a reply to an Ancestry.com posting. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  > Thanks!
  > Maureen Webb
  > Jestem wnukiem Jana Moszczyńskiego(urodzonego w 1906 r.), syna Franciszka (syna Adama)i Feliksy z Żabinskich, którzy pochodzili z okolic Janowca Kościelnego (dzisiejszy powiat Nidzicki, województwo Warmiński-Mazurskie), a więc z terenów historycznego Mazowsza, a konkretnie z Poboża.
  > Czekam na odpowiedź.
  > Serdecznie pozdrawiam!
  > Marek Zambrzycki.
  > Ps. zambrzycki-marek at wp.pl
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