[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German settlement in Orel province, Russia

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This part of Russia is a bit of a black hole, genealogically speaking.  I have seen a few requests over the years for help with this region.  In fact, just today, on one of the Ancestry Bulletin Boards there was a request for Hildebrand and Heideberg from Brjansk which is a short distance west of Orel.  Still others I have seen are from not far SW of Orel just inside Ukraine.  

It would be nice to hear from anyone who knows a bit about the German settlements in this region or to find someone interested enough in doing more digging for info there.

Jerry Frank

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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German settlement in Orel province, Russia
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> Hello: I wonder if anyone has some information regarding the 
> history of German settlement in and around the province of Orel 
> in Russia?
> The war records on Odessa list a great number of people citing 
> "Orel". And some of the birth dates indicate several generations 
> born in that region. My family story is that my great-
> grandfather and others moved from Volhynia to the area in the 
> early 20th century and founded a German village there called 
> Kromolin (and variations thereof).
> Obviously there were previous German settlements in the area, 
> perhaps of long standing. Which might provide some context for 
> why my ancestors went in that direction. If anyone can share 
> some history, it would be appreciated.
> My family names in that area are ADAM, DAUSE and WUTZKE, among 
> others. I have found 28 families that appear to be from Kromolin 
> in the war records. And some of them appear together in the same 
> area in Volhynia in earlier generations.
> Edie Adam
> Virginia, USA
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