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Howard's response to Edie is excellent.  I would only add a tidbit I found 
in reading (in response to Edie's question) a few pages in Mikhail Kostiuk's 
book, Die Deutschen Kolonien in Wolhynien.  In addition to factors mentioned 
by Howard, Kostiuk lays stress on the purely economic motive for moving east 
from Volhynia.  He thinks that many who carved small farms out of the swamps 
and woods of Volhynnia did it chiefly to earn enough money by selling the 
place to buy larger plots wherever they could find them.  Sometimes the 
government offered tax breaks for doing this (southern Ukraine), or land 
might be cheaper than in Volhynia (1890 is Chernigov and Poltava).  In 
Siberia, 50 dessiatine plots were available, etc.  For those that have the 
book, this is on pp. 40-41.

Dick Benert
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> Edie:
> Orel was a province approximately 250 miles north-east of Kiev. The 
> Lutheran
> parish of Orel encompassed the entire province.
> This parish was formed in 1865, with the first Pastor being Frederick
> Albers who served until 1882, when Alexander Althausen took over and would
> have been the parish Pastor when your family moved in.
> It appears to have been a small parish with a total of 1400 parishioners 
> in
> 1904. The distribution of settlers was as follows:
> City of Orel-790; city of Jelez and surroundings- 200; Brjansk-50; 
> Liwny-40;
> Karatschew and Ssewsk 15, the Latvian colony Ljudinka in the Brjansk
> district 60; the Latvian rental village of Djatkowo-50; the manufacturing
> center Bjeshiza in the Brjansk district-150 Latvians; and Kasaki in the
> Jelez district-20.
> Very likely the reason for moving from Volhynia was as a result of the
> repressive legislations enacted by the Czarist Regime due to its concern 
> to
> the sudden build-up of Germans on the their western border(Volhnyia);to 
> get
> away from this pressure the Germans dispersed into many areas of the world 
> ,
> including Siberia, and as well, neighboring provinces.
>  Why did they chose Orel? Perhaps an estate owner had property in both
> Volhynien and Orel; also, often a leader in the community made the move,
> thereby encouraging others(including extended families) to follow. 
> Possibly
> one of your relatives might be able to enlighten us.
> The usual German migration pattern in the Western provinces revolved 
> around
> the Clothing industry, where Germans would move into clothing 
> manufacturing
> centers and then German farming communities would spring up around these
> centers.
> One last observation, there were good rail line connections from Volhynia 
> to
> Orel, Brjansk, Liwny, and Jelez.
> Two individuals active in the founding of the Orel parish in 1865 were
> Alexander Mickwitz and Adam Klein.
> Howard Krushel
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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German settlement in Orel province, Russia
> Hello: I wonder if anyone has some information regarding the history of
> German settlement in and around the province of Orel in Russia?
> The war records on Odessa list a great number of people citing "Orel". And
> some of the birth dates indicate several generations born in that region. 
> My
> family story is that my great-grandfather and others moved from Volhynia 
> to
> the area in the early 20th century and founded a German village there 
> called
> Kromolin (and variations thereof).
> Obviously there were previous German settlements in the area, perhaps of
> long standing. Which might provide some context for why my ancestors went 
> in
> that direction. If anyone can share some history, it would be appreciated.
> My family names in that area are ADAM, DAUSE and WUTZKE, among others. I
> have found 28 families that appear to be from Kromolin in the war records.
> And some of them appear together in the same area in Volhynia in earlier
> generations.
> Edie Adam
> Virginia, USA
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