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I interviewed a woman from Dembe Wielki/Gross Dembe in 1988. You may be 
interested in her description of an island in the Vistula:

"A cousin of mine went back. He lived in the Vistula, directly in the 
Vistula. There was a big island, and he was the owner of that island. 
Sometimes when the ice came in the spring it was dangerous, but they have a 
lot of land. And of course those willows grow from which you make baskets. 
That was the whole income.
So anyway he went 5 years ago... And they went to see the old country.... 
And it is all flooded where I grew up. There is not one building left. They 
built a big dam toward Wloclawek, and so in Dembe the houses were all broken 
away, all flooded, the south side."

I do not know anything about Kepa Dobrzynska, but this is a picture of the 
Linda Pauling

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>A Kepa (pronounced Kempa) is the same as the old English word holm or
> hurst and means an islet or sandbar in a river, or a cluster of trees.
> While most commonly applied to an island, it is often used for
> settlements very close to the river bank as well.

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