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As Linda Pauling wrote, a dam was built across the Vistula River by Wloclawek.  The dam was finished in 1970, and the resulting reservoir is called Jezioro Wloclawskie (Wloclawek Lake).  The length of this lake or reservoir is 58 km and the width is 1.2 km on average.  Obviously, this must be the reason why the Kepa Dobrzynska and the other islets in this area have disappeared.  They have been flooded.

You asked about LESIN , LECIN , LECIME, LECIWE.  The only location in this area that comes reasonably close is LISZYNO.  On Oskar Kossmeyer's map "Evangelische Kirchen und Schulen in Kongreßpolen 1865" it is called LISYN.  Perhaps this is the location you are looking for.  You can find Liszyno on this map: http://textor.dk/maps/Liszyno.jpg

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> Thank you , Jan . I wish I had asked earlier , like years ago (-:   I have been staring at this particular record for years trying to decipher this village ( island ? town ? ) . It is Kepa Dobrzynska exactly in this 1843 marriage record between Florentina Dorata Ziemer , born in Kepa Dobrzynska ,   marriage to Jan Steck , born in Hollendry Czerno  , a farmer in Piotrkowek . They were married in Plock Evangelical Church . I do have another question about another location , same time period  in this surrounding area ,  plus also in Plock district , the preist wrote the residential village for the bride as LESIN , LECIN , LECIME, LECIWE ??
> So I am curious . Is the island Kepa Dobrzynska submerged under water or has a new name ??
> What could they farmed on these islands or did they do fish agriculture ?
> Thanks for all your help everyone . Rose too ! Danke , Magda 
> There was a Kepa Dobrzynska, situated between Kepa Bachorzewska and Kepa Glowinska, as shown on this section of a map from 1839:
> http://textor.dk/maps/Dobrzyn.jpg
> I
> have not been able to find these islets on a contemporary map, although
> they still seemed to exist in the late 1930's, as shown here:
> http://textor.dk/maps/Dobrzyn2.jpg
> Hope this helps,
> Jan Textor
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> Was there a Kepa Dobrzyn in the 1840's  that's just not on the map
> anymore . I assume this was one of those islands near Dobryzyn on the
> river .
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