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A fair bit of info is here:


Dave Obee

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> As a newbie to genealogy,  I'd noted "EWZ" mentioned a 
> few  times,
> but kept thinking it was EZA  (the Berlin documents 
> center)..   but
> curiosity got me searching for EWZ and I'm overwhelmed with 
> too many 'hits' via google. 
> I did see that Mennonites have taken their subset of names, and there
> is a US center where research and microfilms are available.
> But I thought I saw someone mention finding online data in EWZ?
> Am I misunderstanding what I can find in EWZ online?  Is 
> any of  their
> records online?
> Bob K.
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> Time,  
> dabookk54 at yahoo.com writes:
> I see  plenty of this in EWZ. If you want a good source of 
> imaginary 
> locations you  only have to look in EWZ.
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