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Dave's website on EWZ does a great job describing what these records and where you can find them. There are several places online that has different sets of data from EWZ. 

1) The Odessa Digital Library has almost the entire EWZ50 collection included in their database. Since you are an SGGEE member you can look at my article in the September 2008 issue to see how to use that database search tool effectively.

2) Galiziengermandescdants has a database of around 40,000-50,000 names taken from EWZ. Those names come from many different places so it is hard to predict who might be in there. They probably center chiefly on Galicia but many other names elsewhere are found.

3) The SGGEE MPD right now has around 12,000 names from the Lublin region in it. Those would show up with the source as SGGEE008r4. Sometime in the future this will be increased to around 25,000 names. So if you are interested in the Lublin region you are in luck and should probably be talking with me.

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As a newbie to genealogy,  I'd noted "EWZ" mentioned a few  times,
but kept thinking it was EZA  (the Berlin documents center)..   but
curiosity got me searching for EWZ and I'm overwhelmed with 
too many 'hits' via google. 
I did see that Mennonites have taken their subset of names, and there
is a US center where research and microfilms are available.
But I thought I saw someone mention finding online data in EWZ?
Am I misunderstanding what I can find in EWZ online?  Is any of  their
records online?
Bob K.
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I see  plenty of this in EWZ. If you want a good source of imaginary 
locations you  only have to look in EWZ.

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