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The name on a port of entry document is almost always what the port 
official understood was said, rather than what the person said.   In 
addition, the person who was standing in front of the port official may 
not have been able to spell the place correctly either.   So you usually 
have a significant problem in finding a place based on what is written 
in arrival manifests.

I asked someone who speaks Polish fluently about the place name that you 
mention.  She does not recognize the place name, and says that to be a 
place, it would have to have a word in front of it, since there are no 
place names that end in ska without some additional descriptor.   I do 
not begin to understand Polish, since they conjugate everything, but 
based on the locations that I have seen, they seem to agree with what 
she is saying.   For instance, my grandfather was born in Wola 
Wodzynska, which coincidentally sounds somewhat like the location name 
you mention.   I can find no Polish villages that contains Widon...

The best way for you to get assistance from this group may be for you to 
present who you are looking for with the names and dates of birth, 
marriage or death of an entire family.  

Gary Warner

kander25 at cableone.net wrote:
> Need help locating this village: Widoncka.
>  I have seen it on 3 different arrival manifests in different years, 
> all spelled like this. The arrival manifests say Widoncka, Russia, but 
> elsewhere the family is described as Polish.
> Thank you for whatever leads you can provide.
> Karen Anderson
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