[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] FN DREILICH in KALISZ and SHITOMR

Bodo Harfert ahnenharfert at yahoo.de
Sun Feb 14 09:00:27 PST 2010

Dear list subscribers,

 I just want to introduce to you, my name is Bodo
Harfert, Germany and I am looking for data, facts and documents for research
into my family history. (See list below)
For simplicity, I set all my findings so far. For any kind of help
I would be very grateful.
Seeking information on the following FN:

 Dreilich Gottfried * 1797
Schoepe Christine or Kristine * 1801

a.Dreilich Carolina Dreilich * 1829 Kalisz

 b.Dreilich Eduard Julius* 1844 Kalisz
°° 1862  unknow 
c.Dreilich Karl
Eduard * 1834 Kalisz
°° 14.02.1858 in Kalisz
Katarzyna (Catherine) Ratajczyk (unsecured)

 d.Dreilich Karl Gustav * 31.12.1832 Kalisz (Dobrzec
I°° 30.01.1853 Kalisz
Schoepke Loise + 1855 

Sonntag Johann Christine *1862 (Sontag)

Dreilich Johann Christine * 11.05.1862 ~
18.05.1862 Klein Dobrzec Maly Kalisz                                    
Kids 2 with Nr 1+2

1..Dreilich Anna Emilja * 22.11.1894 Kalisz  (Klein Dobrzec Maly)
(Anna Emilia Dreilich was naturalized about 1940
around in the German Empire. The files on this have been requested in

I°° 29.10.1911 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kwandt Johann Karl * Zhitomir? + For 1916/17.One sister with
Name Martha. Father = Kwandt Samuel Friedrich * 1862  °° 22.01.1884  Mother = Efrosine Kopp or Koppe * 1865. Daughter
from Henry.

II°° (Poznan ?)

Harfert Johann Friedrich * 08.11.1890 Kolonnie
Jerusalem Schitomir.1 sister. Father:Harfert Gustav °° Mother =    Mertin Matilda
(In I°° Johann Friedrich Harfert was married to Kwandt
Martha (sister of Johann Karl)! 1 child) By 1916, in Poznan)

 2.Dreilich Karl * 22.11.1894 Kalisz (Klein Dobrzec
Maly) (Karl is after WW II in Poland and has stayed there, lived with the
Dreilich Joseph.

 Would appreciate any hint!

Bodo (Harfert)

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