[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Multiple marriages, same man in St. Petersburg

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Thu Jul 1 12:24:28 PDT 2010

"Lorne Bohn" <lbohn at shaw.ca> wrote:
"When I was on the Odessa site, http://www.odessa3.org/collections/stpete/volhynia/link/vol
188xm.txt I noticed that there are a number of men with the same names that appear to be 
married to two or more women.  Sometimes the marriage dates are only a few months apart.  
Can anyone explain this?  I thought they were all Lutherns? "

This is a mystery for me as well. I do know of families in which widowed fathers married the sisters of their  deceased wives. However, the marriages for Zhitomir in the St. Petersburg records are only indexes; we do not have complete records that give ages and birthdates and parents of brides and grooms, nor their marital status (widowed or single). 
Thus this problem will remain a mystery for many researchers. I have two names for wives of Andreas Krampitz in Zhitomir: Rosalia Bredow and Rosalia Marquardt. There is no marriage record for his marrying a Marquardt, but several children seem to be born to such a couple in the St. Petersburg records.  My grandfather lists the Andreas Kramptiz and Rosalia Bredow as his parents on his marriage certificate, but in his immigration records he names his closest relative in Russia as Bertha Marquardt. I have a hunch the two Rosalias might be the same person, and perhaps Rosalia was formerly married to someone named Marquardt. But there is no way--so far as I know--to sort these out without further, more detailed marriage records from Zhitomir. 

Karla Walters
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