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I've been extracting the 1700-1855 German church records of Blasheim, 
northwestern Germany, for 4 years now, and the name "Luise" is spelled that 
way up until the end of May 1853, when the church records start recording it 
"Louise".  I believe "Luise" was likely pronounced "Louisa".  And in those 
church books, the name Elizabeth is consistantly spelled "Elisabeth" so far.

Linda in Wisconsin

Blasheim: Windmoeller, Rowekamp, Kleinschmidt, Voss
Provinz Posen: Hedtke, Neumann, Schulz; Steinbach, Liebenau
Pommern: Hass, Voss
East Prussia: Gnoss
Volhynia: Steinbach, Liebenau, Gnoss

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> Looking at one source, Names, Nicknames and Misspelled Names by  Nancy
> Ellen Carlberg, which is more a collection than an explanation, I had 
> thought
> you would be most certainly correct, but not according to this  book. 
> Luise
> says see Louise, Lucy and there are dozens of versions  of those, but
> nothing close to Elizabeth, as would seem logical -  Liza/Louisa/Luise. 
> In
> another source, German Names - A Practical  Guide by Kenneth L. Smith, a 
> very
> scholarly approach, again, many versions  of Elizabeth, but beginning with 
> Li
> rather than Lo or Lu.  Louise or  Luise isn't even mentioned here.   So 
> this
> Luise appears to derive from  Louise or Lucy rather than Elizabeth..
> According to The Facts on File  Dictionary of First Names by Dunkling and
> Gosling, again, lists of  alternates and nicknames for Elizabeth along 
> with its
> historical origin but  none beginning with Lo or Lu.  Louise is declared 
> as the
> French feminine  form of Louis. Lucy is stated to be the "normal English
> form of  Lucia".   Luise is not listed.
> If I locate anything to the contrary, I'll let you know.
> Maureen

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