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Moin Moin,

Friedrich Jesse could be the brother of August Jesse *1845. Friedrich Jesse
is born 17.10.1842.

Special thanks to Antje.

Best regards
Sandra (Gutte)

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I've attached a photo of August Kruger 1951
 August is the great grandson of Johan Jeske (#3), I believe.
Johan Jeske married Anna Rosina Schmidt
1 daughter Anna Dorthea Jeske
Anna Dorothea married Samuel Kruger
1 son, Samuel Kruger
Samuel married Wilhelmine Jesse
7 children
Henrietta Kruger
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Hi Edelgard,
- Zitierten Text ausblenden -
Hi Joyce,

Ludwig JESSE*18.09.1871 is a son of August JESSE*1845 and Ernstine
NEUMANN*1848. I think person Nr 5 is the same August JESKE. I got a photo
from Ludwigs birth registration on church book from Olszak.
Taufpaten/Godfather are Andreas JESSE, Siedler from Krukowo, 45years and
Friedrich JESSE, Siedler from Olszak, 29years old and Katharina TISCHLER
from Lucjanowo.

Has anyone more informations about this family?

Best regards
Sandra (Gutte)

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Hi Edelgard,
It appears you've got some information from the right place, with familiar
family names. We don't have enough information yet to make a connection, but
we're learning a few new things and perhaps soon we will.
Also, on my grandfather's side of the family: Welke... I have Rosalie Welke
who married Emil Jeske b. 1863. I found this information in the EWZ
documents. The little information I have on that family has them located in
the Lublin area, more specifically in Dubeczno in 1940.
Joyce Welke Guasch
Springfield, Oregon USA
Researching Welke, Gurke, Zimmerman,
Ratz, Pusch, Lentz, Arndt of East Poland
Researching Lindley, Wisbey of US, Ireland and England.
Researching Haner of US and Germany

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Hi all,
could this Jesse family fit to the Jeske family in my db?
They appear as Jeske or Geske or Jesk in the SGGEE database: descendants of
Kasimir Jeske and Anna Kristine Ferchow
My data:
-George Jeske * Of Siedliska, (Wladyslawow Parish)  ooUnbekannt
|--2-Casimir Jeske * Ca. 1755, Of Siedliska, (Wladyslawow Parish), + 5 Sep
|    1831, Siedliska, Kolo, Polen
|   ooAnna Christina Ferchow * Of Zakrzewek, (Wladyslawow Parish), oo 30 Apr
|    1785, Lipiny, (Wladyslawow Parish), par. Michael Ferchow and
--3-Johann Jeske * 4 Jul 1795, Siedliska, (Wladyslawow Parish), ~ 7 Jul
|  |    1795, Babiak, (Wladyslawow Parish), + Nach 25 Nov. 1846
|  |   ooAnna Rosina Schmidt * 1795, oo 1818, Debno Krolewskie, Kolo,
Poland, +
|  |    after 25 Nov. 1846
|--4-August Jeske * 1820, Siedliska, Kolo, Poland, + 26 Nov. 1869, Olszak,
|  |  |    Babiak, Poland
|  |  |   ooAnna Rosina Manthey * 16 Apr 1819, Grabowiec, Kolo, Poland, oo
|  |  |    Nov. 1840, Debno Krolewskie, Kolo, Poland, par. Johann Manthey
|  |  |    Anna Katharina Liske
----*5-August Jeske * 8 Jun 1845, Czerniak, Kolo, Poland
|  |  |  |   ooErnestine Neumann * 22 Mai 1848, Wierzelin, Konin, Poland, oo
|  |  |  |    Nov. 1870, Babiak, Kolo, Polen, + 28 Apr 1878, par. Gottfried
|  |  |  |    Neumann and Regina Siede
*Regards from Germany,

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