[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Pade name from Tornow near Landsberg

Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Tue Apr 26 14:53:59 PDT 2011

  Hello JoEllen,

       You have chosen an area of Germany that has a reputation for
  being tough, the Neumark of Brandenberg. A lot of records from the
  area were lost in WWII.

       However, you may be lucky - I checked the Polish archives'
  Pradziad database - it looks like there are duplicate Lutheran church
  books from Tornow and Diedersdorf, covering the years 1813 - 1874,
  (except a few gap years) and Civil (Standesamt) records from 1874
  onwards.  All in the archives in Landsberg (now Gorzow Wielkopolski).
  I think I found the correct Tornow/Tarnow.

   Pradziad is at:


    You could try some of your other village names too.

     There's a professional genealogist who is an expert on the
  Landsberg/Warthe area, Georg Gr"uneberg.

     Look at his website:


     You might find some of his books useful, particularly the one
  that says where the known church books and civil registers are.

          Good Luck!

               Paul Rakow
               rakow at ifh.de

  JoEllen St Aubin wrote:
> Dear List,
> I am new to the list.  I was recently given information from a family bible for my grandmother's family.  Her father was Johann Freidrich Wilhelm Bernicke born 1847 in Gross Fahlenwerder now Sciechow.  Her mother was Ernstine Wilhelmine Henriette Gaebel born Diedersdorf in 1853.  They married in Dolzig now Dorsk in 1874.  Her grandfather, Leopold Gaebel died in Neuscheune now Mystki in 1873.  I also know her grandmother was Henriette Pade and I found some new information that may lead to Henriette Pade's father being Johannes Pade born 1801 in Tornow near Landsberg now Tarnow and a brother being William Pade born about 1822 in Tarnow who married Caroline Strauss.
> I have been doing research for more than 20 years (German, French, and U.S. records), but have no idea how to research these towns that are now in Poland.  If anyone has suggestions as to what LDS films may be available for these areas, I would be very appreciative.  For instance, when I call up Tarnow at the Family History site, more than a dozen films appear.  Also, if I am able to contact the towns for this information, I would appreciate help as to where to write and what language to use.
> The places I am searching were listed in the bible as GROSS FAHLENWERDER, DOLZIG, DIEDERSDORF, NEUSCHEUNE, AND TORNOW bei LANDSBERG WARTH.  Johann Freidrich Wilhelm Bernicke and Ernstine Wilhelmine Henriette Pade had their children in Colbin, Trollenhagen, and Zirzow before traveling to Henry County, Ohio in 1896.
> Thank you so much for any help in how to research these areas.
> Thank you!
> JoEllen St Aubin

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