[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Johann Christian Zarse from Cronski, Russia

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Hi Jerry and Al,

I also thought of Kramsk and wrote to Marilyn to write to the archive in 
Konin. I have never heard that the people in this area had a namable horse 
breeding. They just used them for to work on the fields. Because Kronski 
exists as a surname, I was hoping that it could also be a place name.

Marilyn knows that her ancestor Johann Christian *1883 had a brother 
Andreas. Her deceased mother had visited him in 1950 or 51 on the east side 
of the curtain. On facebook Marilyn has founded a Zarse family connection 
group, where she has uploaded a photo of this Andreas, where he is shown in 
a hospital in Berlin. In my db I have a Christian Zarse *1873. For this 
Christian I have a note that he has died in the USA. Maybe the birth year 
1873 is wrong.
This Christian had a brother Andreas *Jan. 25. 1874 in Swiecia, +Aug.7.1953 
Maukendorf, Kamenz, Saxony. They were sons of Johann Christian Ludwig Zarse 
and Katharina Busse. This Andreas would fit, although this Zarse-family did 
not live in Kramsk but in Swiecia, the last daughter I have, Juliane, was 
born in Zarzew in 1884. The Konin births have been filmed up to this year, 
so I could not find more children of this family. (Does anybody know, if the 
Mormons intend to film the next ten years?)
In our MyHeritage group there is a woman, who is related to the descendants 
of Andreas. I wrote to her yesterday and hope that there is a photo of 
Andreas, which we can compare.

By chance I made the wonderful detection, that the Zarse family originates 
from this place:
Blesendorf, Sadenbeck, Ostprignitz, Brandenburg, Germany


The familysearch search collection for Brandenburg is worth to check, if you 
have families from the Konin area (see Breyer's map).

Thanks and greetings,


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Shtetlseeker is working here now and there is no match for Cronski anywhere 
in Eastern Europe.

However, in our database there is a Zarse family living at Kramsk by Konin. 
In fact you submitted the info.  That seems to me to be a pretty close match 
and certainly fits the rest of the Zarse in the area.  The surname is 
certainly not very common.  It would help if she knew the names of some 
siblings of this person which might appear in our database or in yours.

Sorry, I don't know of any way to prove the story of horses for the Czar.


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> Dear listmembers,
> a fellow researcher from the USA is searching for the birthplace
> of her ancestor Johann Christian Zarse *Dec. 13. 1883 in
> Cronski, Russia. Marilyn writes that he was born there, because
> his parents had sold horses to the Czar of Russia. He came to US
> in 1905. I am quite sure, that he is a son of Andreas Zarse and
> Juliane Busse from Swiecia, Konin, if it is possible that the
> Czar bought horses from the Konin area.
> Can anybody help us finding this Cronski or Kronski? Somewhere
> between Konin and Moskow?
> Shtetlseeker does not work correctly right now.
> Greetings from Germany,
> Edelgard
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