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Thanks, Cornelia.  I've sent you an invitation to share and we'll see how
closely we may be related.  Thanks for the other information as well.


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> EARL, I've taken the test, but haven't noted if we share. there
are some people who haven't accepted invitations. I'm Cornelia Moore. I have
checked and don't seem to have Ashkenazi ancestry, but do have some
Ashkenazi cousins, and have a Polish/German ancestor born in Congress
> CAROL, there is indeed a way to compare tests, and it's
free. it's called Gedmatch.com. you have to upload your raw data, then you
can compare to everyone else who's submitted their raw data. and there's
things such as chromosome painting, eye comparison and the like that can be
done at Gedmatch. it has a sister site, Ancestor-Projects.com, where you can
focus your data on groups-such as Ashkenazi, Rroma, AmerIndian, Quaker, etc.
you can even start your own group. I recently heard of another program where
you can also compare your raw data with others, but haven't checked it
out-that one might have been reported on in Eastman's ezine, I'm not sure.
> Cornelia

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