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Quite often our ancestors say that, but usually they are just wrong.
My grandmother never agreed her dad was born in Poland when actually he was.

On 11 February 2011 11:42, Carol Duff <carolduff at me.com> wrote:

> When I started finding records in the archives of St. Petersburg, I
> consulted my aunt, a teacher and the last living person of her generation of
> my mother's family. I told her that I had found a birth record in the St.
> Petersburg archive. She strongly asserted, "We are German, we have never
> lived in Russia." "So what is this record," I asked. "Well, that is our
> family but we never lived in Russia." After the 3rd birth record, she began
> to yield a bit. "Well, maybe the edge of Prussia had records that went to
> St. Petersburg. The 1st generation of the family born in North America
> claimed to know nothing of living outside of Germany. Carol
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