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Dear Sandy,

if you need information about your grandfather during WWII as a soldier you
have the possibilities to get them:

1. contact the so called WAST at http://www.dd-wast.de/frame_e.htm (note,
that they need more than 8 months to process queries, it could be expensive
but it is a very informative source) 2. if he was violated during the war
you can also contact:
			Landesamt fuer Gesundheit und Soziales
			Abt. IV-Referat F Krankenbuchlager
			Wattstr. 11-13
			D-13355 Berlin
They have records about his injury (ies), his military unit and sojourn (s)
in hospital (s) with details.

So far as I remember it is also possible to receive these information also
from Great Britain authorities.
I suggest to "google".

With kind regards,

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Can anybody help me please? My grandfather was a German POW in England
before staying here after the war. He would not speak about his time in the
camp, or about his life in Germany or during the war. It is only since his
death have we found out more information about where he came from and his
family, and we are now trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle. None
of us speak German either, as he would not speak it at all. The information
we do have is as follows, and if anyone knows anything about any of it, or
members of the family, or about where he came from, we would be incredibly
grateful!! Here goes: 

Name; Gustav (Robert) Friedrich Sturm
Born: 13 August 1915, Jankenwalde, Nr Rastenburg, East Prussia
Died: 1 January 1994, Marlborough, Wiltshire. 
Married: i) Katharina Truschell (b: 28 March 1918) married 23.12.1939
Married: ii) Dorothy Grace Maclean married 26 October 1948
Mother: Whilhelmine Brandt, born 16 July 1891, Married 15 Feb 1915
Father: Gustav Robert Sturm. (D.o.b. unknown as yet). 

On 3rd Sept 1939 he joined the Stab II Infantry Regiment but was not called
up until 7 June 1943. At the time he signed up, his hometown was listed as
Powunden, nr Konigsberg. His parents were farmers, and it is thought he was
a farmer and that is why he was not called up initially. After the war he
ran a farm in Berkshire too, so it is definately his vocation. 

We know something of his war career: On 10th July 1943 he joined the
frontline Grenadier Regiment 348, 5 days into the Battle of Kursk. He was
severely injured from an exploding artillery shell in his leg, and he was in
hospital for 3 months. he rejoined active service on 1st May 1944 and was
sent to the Franco-Spanish border. He then had to travel 700 miles to the
beaches at Normandy  to fight the allies. In August 1944 he was caught in
the 'Falaise Pocket' ... out of c.15,000 German soldiers, he was one of only
500 to survive. We think he was taken prisoner by the British army in the
Netherlands, and brought over to England before being interred in a POW

We know virtually nothing about his family. His mother, Whilhelmine Brandt,
had a brother Gustav who was born 27 July 1894, died 3 Nov. 1977 and married
Anna Maria Seraphin on 10th Sept 1921. They had a daughter Frida (Gustav's
cousin) B; 7 Feb 1922, D: 24 Feb 2006, married Joachim Fuhrich (Furich) on
11 Sept. 1954. They had no children. 

Phew!! I hope you can help? Any snippets of information would be a great
help. I know that the major towns he lived close to are now Kaliningrad
(Konigsberg) and Ketrzyn (Rastenburg), and that apparently Powunden is now
the site of Khrabrovo Airport, and are therefore in Polish and Russian hands
respectively. if anyone knows anything about where he was born and lived
before the war it would be great. 

Thank you in anticipation!!
Sandie Williams

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