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I will try to clarify the location in point form.

1.  Parish is strictly a religious territory designation.  In some jurisdictions that word represents a civil territory but never for either Poland or Volhynia.  It is not always easy to distinguish whether reference is to a parish or district because they sometimes have the same name.  District and even parish boundaries may have changed over time so that a parish which was once located solely in district ABC might later also be within XYZ territory.

2.  In 1865 Volhynia was not part of Poland so including that in the designation of your grandfather's birth location is not accurate.  Having said that, the decision was made to standardize all place names within our Master Pedigree Database (MPD) using modern territorial descriptions.  This standard however does not apply to extracted databases such as VKP (Volhynia, Kiev Podolia Database) where locations are entered as written.

3.  It is important to understand for extracted databases that a village is not always provided.  In such cases, only the parish name is shown.  This is especially true for marriage records in the VKP database but could apply elsewhere as well.  

4.  You would have to look at the original record (available on line) to see why the place name Bereske is shown in the notes column.  It could be that the family lived in Helenow but the baby was baptized by the Kantor in Bereske or there could be another reason.

Hope this helps a little.  Others may weigh in with further clarification.


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> On 10/04/2011 10:56 PM, Albert Muth wrote:
> > For example, my grandfather was born in the parish of 
> Przedecz, located in
> > the powiat of Włocławek in the Warszawa gouvernate, *143 
> kilometers* to the
> > West of the capital city.  While knowing the gubernia 
> narrows your search
> > somewhat, records are not indexed in a central location 
> anywhere in Poland.
> > (Many US states have always had centralized indices, though 
> these are not
> > necessarily available online).
> >
> In your example of your grandfather you've raised a question 
> that has 
> been in my mind for some time now.
> It involves the use of the terms, "parish" "powiat" and 
> "gubernia" How 
> do these terms compare to the birth information below.
> My grandfather was born in USA, Illinois, Cook County, Chicago 
> and I 
> even know the street address.
> His father's birth information from the SGGEE databases
> Surname       Given 
> Name     Birth Day and Month Birth 
> Year     Event 
> Place
> Lachmann     
> Samuel             23 Sep             1865 
>                         Roschischtsche
> Father                  Mother                Film or Item     Page 
> Number     Register     
> RemarksGottfried             Wolf, Julianna     1884089/1       666          
>             113             Bereske
>  From what I can gather from all sources that I've found so 
> far Samuel 
> Lachmann was born in Roschischtsche, Volhynia (Helenow, 
> Wolynskie, 
> Poland).
> As near as I can figure it comparing my great grandfather to my 
> grandfather it would be as follows:
> Poland, Volhynia (Wolynskie), Helenow, Roschischtsche(Rozysche
> The remark Bereske also puzzles me. Is it a place name? Which 
> name 
> would be the powiat. I haven't seen that term before. Volhynia 
> is the 
> gubernia and Roschischtsche the parish I think :-\ .
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