[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Online records from Konin Lutheran (index and scans)

Albert Muth albertmuth734 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 13:20:14 PDT 2011

 Add Konin Lutheran to the list of newly digitized and indexed records

Go to http://geneteka.genealodzy.pl/ .  The page is only in Polish, but very
easy to use.

Select “Wielkopolskie”, either from the map or from the list on the right.

Use the drop-down menu marked “*Księga*” to make your selection (U = birth,
M= Marriage, Z= death).

The boxes on the right *Od roku....do roku* (from year ___ to year ___)
allow you to select the range of years to search.

There is another drop-down box on the right labeled *pozycji na stronie*.  I
suggest that you change the number to 50.

Also of interest in the area of Wielkopolskie is the index for Zagórów
Lutheran from 1896-1923 is also there, but it lacks scans.  The index lists
only the men (women not necessary??).

Before the 1840’s (at the latest), there is a chance that ALL of your
ancestors living in the area may have registered in a Catholic parish.  Rose
Ingram and I (Gary too) have just been talking about Przedecz Lutheran.  The
Catholic records are indexed here from the mid 18th century till almost

I see marriage scans for Kramsk Catholic from 1771.

I will mention again (since I have not for a while) that anyone with proven
ancestors in Russian Poland (not Volhynia) needs to be using the book (now
only on CD) by Stanislaw Litak, *The Latin Church in the Polish Commonwealth
in 1772 – A Map and Index of Localities*.  It maps out the parishes that are
extant in 1772; most of them continue to be the only parish of the locale
well into the 20th century.

Meanwhile, in the Mazowieckie area, I would like to point out that there are
scanned and indexed births from Iłów Lutheran from 1834-1849

Prior to the Mennonite films for Kazuń Nowy (NW of Warszawa; it is across
the river from Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki), one needs to look at Kazuń Polski (at
present only indexed) and Łomna (index and now scans too)

Catholic Życk (between Lutheran Gąbin and Iłów) is indexed.  On the same
line as each couple, there is an icon marked “I”. If you hover your mouse
over the icon, you will see revealed the names of the parents of groom and
bride. Or the name of a previous spouse.

In other parishes, such as Trębki, hidden behind the same icon is a marriage

The index for Płock Catholic, as far as marriages are concerned, is easier
to use here than at the archives site.  An indexed marriage shows the name
of bride and groom on the same line.  And now that I see these “Catholic”
couples, I would suggest that anyone with people in the Plock area should
peruse the list of marriages before 1830.  Just because I can see Lutheran
records from the early 1800’s is IRRELEVANT.

Thanks to Gail for redirecting my attention to this website.  I have not
checked it out carefully in the last few weeks.


P.S.  There went my Sunday afternoon....

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