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Oh, that's a tough one . not only are there many Hoffmann's but also many Weinberg's.

I assume the "Neinberg" may be Nürnberg its in Mittelfranken, (Middle Franconia). than we find a
Weinberg, pop.785 in 1987; coord. 49.2324 / 103644. its southwest of Nürnberg. Postal code 91589

it belongs to Aurach, Municipality - Ansbach rural county - Mittelfranken ( Middle Franconia)administ. dist. -
Bavaria Bayern - Germany.

unfortunately the FHC has no info. for Weinsberg. Most ? people living there are Catholic; do you know
your relatives confession? Do You have a print out of the marriage record? can you send this to me?

You will have to come up with more information, I think.
Heinz Rode

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Hi everyone,  I'm looking for information about Christ Hoffman, b. 1861 in Germany. He immigrated to the US around 1887, and says he was born in Weinberg, county of Neinberg, in the Empire of Germany (from his 1919 marriage record). I know he lived in Nebraska and Montana, but I don't know what ports he immigrated from/to, or where Weinberg is. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Brandt GibsonFife, WA      
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