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Sun Sep 4 07:31:24 PDT 2011

Jerry...Thanks for the reply.   Emanuel Wolf was born 26 June 1873.  I never knew the names of his parents, nor did any one in my immediate family know them.  Evidently Granddad didn't like to share information.  From an old church form (Lutheran), he indicated he was from Wolymin, which I assumed was Volhynia.  From an early Oklahoma census form he declared that he came to the U.S. in 1892 and was naturalized in 1898.  By looking at immigration passenger records I have found only one Emanuel Wolf born in 1873 who came from Russia.  The Hamburg list shows him to be from Dombrowo.  Since there are villages with this name in Volhynia, I thought, maybe, I was on the right track.  This same Emanuel Wolf arrived in Montreal in 1892, and if this was my Grandfather, he somehow made his way to western Oklahoma, married Louise Scherbinske from Alt Postal and began farming and raising a family.  He named his oldest son Johann, which may be a clue to his father's name.  I haven't looked at any records from Montreal, but on the manifest of the Wandrahm, the ship he came on, he evidently came alone unless he came with a relative with a different last name.   Aside from the few real facts gleaned about this Emanuel Wolf, I am only guessing that this is the one I am looking for.


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