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Wed Aug 29 10:59:07 PDT 2012

Hello list Members:
An old photo of a farm in our family photo collection has the name  Nosowiecze 1931 written on the back. Also on the back, but in very different ink and handwriting is: Pauline Betker, Westfalen, Nr. 14, Westfalen, Kreis Herford. My mother and father lived in Nosowiecze at this time and until 1940 when they resettled to western Poland. My two older brothers were born in Nosowiecze and although my mother's maiden name was Betker I have been unable to make a connection with Pauline Betker in our family history. Although the information following Pauline Betker appears to be an address, I have had no luck finding such an address in Germany. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Heinrich Richter


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