[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Old Russian military maps of 1867-1875 and later

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 1 17:32:00 PST 2012

A bit of clarification to Frank's posting because most of us do not read Russian.

1.  You can use GOOGLE Translator or similar device to translate the page which will help you to navigate around a bit.  However, you cannot download the maps from the translated page.

2.  When you click on the particular map link that you  want, you will be taken to another page.  You will see a scrambled number at the bottom left.  You must enter that number in the space provided and then click the button below it.

3.  When the next page opens, there will be a link to the actual map.  Just below that is a coloured box with a wine glass image.  BE SURE to uncheck the box that has a check mark in it.  If not, you will end up with a Russian language toolbar that you do not want.

4.  Click on the link and the download process will start.

Trying to find a correct map is not user friendly either.  The upper map graphic on the opening page is a bit easier to use for reference than the lower one which is at an angle.  You will see a grid with Roman numerals down the left side and numbers across the top.  You will need to guess at which map you need by finding the correct number / numeral combination.  Find that on the list below those grid maps and that will take you to the map.

The scale is 1:126000, a rather odd number to use. 


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> I am happy to be able to announce that we are finally able to 
> download old
> Russian maps of the Russian empire. Gerhard Koenig informed 
> about the link
> to the Russian address:
> <http://metalloiskateli-info.ru/starinnye-karty/voennaya-
> trexverstnaya-karta
> />
> http://metalloiskateli-info.ru/starinnye-karty/voennaya-
> trexverstnaya-karta/
> When you go down on that page you will first see two overview maps
> indicating the positions of the maps and later the many links 
> for the
> download of the maps.
> The first colony of Germans in Volhynia Annette can be found on 
> map XXII
> nucm 6. All colonies bear the addition K., Kol. or Koloniya 
> before or after
> the village name. You will find Kol. Anety, Koloniya Yuzefiny, Kol.
> Natalindorf, Kol. Fridendorf and so on. It will be very 
> interesting to
> analyze which of the many colonies we know was mentioned on 
> these maps and
> is thus among the oldest.
> Gerhard advised to take out the cross in the toolbar as 
> otherwise that
> Russian toolbar would be installed.
> The maps have sizes from 10 to 20 MB, thus have pretty good quality.
> Greetings from Hamburg
> Frank (Stewner)
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